The New Cheap iPod Shuffle

The new iPod Shuffle, is sleek, tiny and more powerful than ever. Perfect for when your on the move or in a hurry. It just doe’s the job without any fuss. Sleek and innovative design means not only is it stylish but it’s also very useable by being able to clip it anywhere without knowing it was there.

Today’s Hottest Deals on the New iPod Shuffle

The New iPod Shuffle

Like Never Before…

Sleek and stylish polished aliminium body, voice over technology, clip and go, with buttons and playlists, the very best of the new iPod shuffle. Take your music everywhere, every time! See full specifications and more details on the New iPod Shuffle.

Stylish and Wearable

Classic Buttons like before.

Voice Over it talks!

Playlists & Genius